V O L U N T E E R S -  the Successful Building Blocks of SCE!

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Variety!  No matter what kind of involvement you are seeking, SCE has a niche waiting just for you!

Opportunity! Volunteering is a great way to renew your skills, to form rich friendships, and to enhance your professional goals through networking.

Long-term! Volunteering has benefits that last! Your valuable involvement can renew your body, mind and spirit.

Unlimited! Volunteering will lead you to new experiences that will broaden your horizon in unforeseen ways!

Near and far!  SCE volunteers have an impact on both local and global concerns. From joining a committee to helping the environment by planting a tree ñ your presence makes all the difference!

Together. Yes, you can do great things alone - but when you, your children, your family and your friends join forces, a powerful volunteer effort comes together to make great things happen!

Entertaining. Volunteering can bring genuine joy to your day. Helping others is a great way to help yourself!

Enlightening. Volunteers are continually learning new things. About their world. About others. About themselves.

Rewarding. Volunteering reaps special rewards ñ the sense of connection, of belonging and of being needed is priceless!

Satisfying. Volunteering your time, talent and energy is the best way in the world to see just how important you are to the present and future of SCE!

Current SCE Volunteer Opportunities:

SCE Volunteer-Lead Committees:

The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board on budget-line items of revenue and expense, and conducts regular open meetings and hearings as they develop the proposed budget for the Board of Directors each year.

The Appeals Committee
serves as the ‘hearing tribunal’ of Saw Creek Estates. This committee is responsible for making fair and impartial recommendations to the Board of Directors on appeals and other matters affecting the association and its members.

The Beautification Committee
maintains the natural beauty of our surroundings by being involved in the design of capital building projects, including how these projects are to be landscaped. This committee also makes recommendations to the Board to improve the appearance of amenity and common areas.

The Building and Architectural Committee recommends community rules and standards for all construction, alteration and maintenance of community roads, buildings and common areas.

The Rules Committee recommends changes/additions to rules, as well as the development of new rules. This committee also makes recommendations for communicating and putting the rules into practical action.

The Safety Committee reviews issues affecting the health, safety and security of our community and makes recommendations to the Board in the event that action needs to be taken.

The Public Information Committee makes sure that all members have access to items of interest or information including publication of an association newsletter, special news bulletins and multi-media communications.

The Recreation Committee recommends rules and actions to the Board in order to improve community recreation, cultural and special events, and welcoming activities for new members of all ages, abilities and interests.

The Nominating Committee
oversees the annual Board election process and assists all qualified persons who would like the opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors.

Saw Creek Estates creates Ad-Hoc Committees for special duties, when needed. These committees are typically dissolved after they reach their goals.

In addition to serving on committees, Volunteers are often needed for our events and activities including:

  • Pool, Fitness Events
  • Parties/Special Events
  • Children's Events
  • Community Voting
  • Educational
  • Recreational
  • Seasonal, Holiday Events
  • Community Involvement
  • Local, Global Involvement

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