Facility Reservations

It’s easy to reserve your space! Please be sure to read through the Room Reservation Policy first – you’ll find many of your questions answered below. A completed Room Reservation Request Form starts the process of securing a room for the time/date of your own special event!

If you need help in making your room reservation, please contact Member Services, and someone will be happy to assist you!

Room Reservation Policy and Procedures

Room reservation or rental is subject to availability in accordance with a three-tiered priority basis as follows:

Tier One

Official Saw Creek business as directed by the Board or General Manager. This includes board meetings, committee meetings, and any other activity deemed necessary for the efficient and continued management of community affairs. There is no charge for the use of the room and all official business will take precedence over other uses. It is the responsibility of the Director or Chairperson to contact the Recreation Department at least 1 week prior to the event to ensure availability of a room.

Tier Two

“Sanctioned Groups” or clubs that meet on a regular basis whose charter is social, sports related or charitable and benefits the community as a whole. Certain limited commercial presentations or solicitation may be permitted only when officially sponsored by SCE, with approval of the Board or General Manager. There is no charge for the use of the room. Groups are responsible for setting up the room and for leaving the facility as they found it. The room may be set up by a staff member for a $20.00, non-refundable fee.

Tier Three

Saw Creek residents can rent the rooms for private affairs of a family, social, athletic or other, non-commercial activity. The fee for the room is $75.00 plus tax with a refundable deposit of $100.00.

In addition to the above, the following shall apply to all Tier Three reservations:

  1. The individual reserving the room must be a member in good standing.
  2. You must pre-register 30-days prior to the rental date. Late requests will not be considered. You will be contacted within one week to confirm or deny your request.
  3. A $100 refundable deposit is required. Checks only, payable to S.C.E.C.A. Inc.
  4. The room may be set up by a staff member for a $20.00, non-refundable fee.
  5. Regular hours are: Monday - Saturday 11am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm.
    All parties must vacate the facility by 8:30pm Monday – Saturday, and 5:30pm on Sundays. (Other arrangements may be considered and additional charges may apply.)
  6. There is a five-hour time limit for your function. You may come in one hour prior to the function to set up or decorate.
    1. You must check in with the Fitness Center Attendant who will open the room.
    2. Set up of tables and chairs is your responsibility. Tables and chairs must be wiped down, folded and returned to the locations that they were retrieved from.
    3. A tablecloth must be used to protect all tables.
    4. Pushpins, tacks, glue and other adhesives are prohibited.
  7. You must vacuum/sweep the floors before leaving (you supply broom/vacuum) and all spills that may occur must be cleaned immediately
  8. No food or trash may be left behind. It is your responsibility to bag and dispose of garbage at the compactor area. Do not leave trash in the room or outside of the building
  9. Non-member attendees shall have access to the function and restroom facilities only. Reserving a room does not automatically entitle attendees to access the pools, fitness center, racquetball and tennis courts or other amenities.
  10. If non-member access to the pool(s) is desired, it must be approved and paid for in advance. All attendees must have an amenity badge or wristband.
    1. Lifeguard fee is $12 per hour, per lifeguard.  Pool parties of 15 or more must have an additional lifeguard on duty.
    2. Wristbands for non-members use of the pool may be purchased through the Recreation Department not less than 5 days prior to function, for $1.00 each.
    3. Wristbands will only be valid on the date and times that they are purchased for. Please remember that NO outside alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the Top of the World Mountain Room and the Top of the World Creek Room. If you would like to serve alcohol at your function, please let us know and the Top of the World Restaurant will be happy to offer you a beverage package that will be sure to fit your needs.

When vacating the premises, Please leave the room the way you have found it!

All rooms will be checked for cleanliness, theft and damage. Your entire $100 deposit will be forfeited for any failure to adhere to the conditions and requirements stated above. You will loose your deposit and be charged for costs in excess of $100 which may be required for clean up or repair or replacement of missing or damaged furniture, fixtures and equipment.

If all of the above rules are followed, you may pick up your room deposit check one week following the event. You will then have 30 days following the event to retrieve it. If you do not pick it up with in that 30 day period, it will be destroyed.

Please complete the attached form to make a room reservation request.

Want a worry-free party?

Catering from Top of the World Restaurant is available!
Contact 570-588-6600 for catering options and details.

Please read and observe all SCE Rules concerning amenity use.
A copy of the Rules can be viewed here.

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